First experience – open an account at – Bitcoin exchange in Thailand – Poloniex?

What a surprise, it was all much more easy then I thought before!

What they needed:
Name, address, e-mail, id-no. of passport, copy of passport, a selfie from my face together holding my passport and a piece of paper written and signed by myself.
After one hour!!! I received a mail with the password and that’s it!!

Great, very fast, very easy!!

At this moment I was able to receive bitcoin or ethereum at my account and to change them into Thai Baht, the next step was to verify my Thai bank account.
What they needed:
no. of bank account, name of bank, postcode, branch and a copy of my bank book. They told me the process can take about 24 hours, after 12 hours I received a mail, bank account verified!


Now I’m able to receive bitcoin, change them into Thai baht and withdraw to my bank account!

So, the next step will be to open an account at a cryptocurrency exchange to where I can send my Steem or Steem Dollar to exchange them.

The big question is…. Which exchange I will use?

Poloniex? Bitrex? Or any others?

About Poloniex I read many bad things the last days, Bitrex stopped opening new account, for how long nobody knows.

For any advice I would be very thankful

Best regards from Thailand

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