I need advice – What crypto exchange is recommended for Steem or Steem Dollar?


I need an account for to exchange Steem or Steem Dollar, what is recommended?

Binance would be for sure a great alternative but they not support steem until now, some of the heads of Steemit should talk with them, I think a very good idea, the company stay at Hongkong, a very good place for trading.


Poloniex ???
I read many bad things about them the last weeks, maybe a steemian who use them a longer time can tell me something better about them.
Thanks in advance.


Bittrex ???

They don’t open any new accounts at the moment:


So my dear Steemians what is your advice?

I think many new users have the same thought and the same problems, it would be very nice to get any detailed information about that, I think one of the most important thing for everybody on Steemit is to know where he can exchange in a safely way his earned Steems or Steem Dollars.

Best regards from Thailand, hope for some answers.


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