Hello all dear Wordpress Bloggers !


First let me say thank You!

Thank you for all your wonderful work here on WordPress, thank you for your time you spend for creating your amazing posts with those beautiful pictures.



Hello all together,

My name is Thomas Graner, I’m a blogger, reader, website creator, nature and animal lover and a self made man. Since  15 years I create websites and write some blogs.

In August 2017 I heard the first time about Steemit, the new and the first real Social Network where you get paid and rewarded for your postings.

I signed in, verified my account via email, and started to blog some posts, at this time I not trust it steemit,steem,blog,blogger,wordpress,travel,nature,photography,paidforblogging,and a was busy about my upcoming move to another city, so I made a break with Steemit for a while.

In middle of December 2017 !! , a little bit more then one month ago, after my move was finished, I really started to blog on Steemit and learned the important things about this amazing community and the first and only real Social Network, Steemit.

From last December until today I blog now on Steemit, my trust is 100%, I made my first 2 payouts already and I was more then surprised!


A short explaination about the rewarding system of Steemit:



The $26.59 what you see on the screenshot are SteemDollars (SBD), it’s a cryptocurrency coin like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. The value of 1 SBD is about 7 US$ right now (26thJanuary2017). This means the rewards on the post are now 186US$ !!

But that’s not all for the author, after 7 days you can redeem your rewards to your Steemit wallet and it will be splitted and divided according to a certain algorithm between (in easy words) givers, the people who liked and upvoted (a like on Steemit is called Upvote) the post and the taker, the author. That means about 50% for the author and 50% go back to the people who upvoted the post.

For the payout you need an account at a so called Cryptocurrency Exchange, Steemit is connected to Blocktrades (a Crypto Exchange operated and registered by a member of Steemit), very fast and very fair fees and you can sign in with your Steemit account, very easy. There you can exchange your SBD or your Steem, the other coin of Steemit, into Bitcoin, Lightcoin or whatever you want (I use Lightcoin because of the very low fees and the very fast transaction).

What you need also is an account on a so called Bitcoin Exchange of your country, in my case it’s the Bitcoin Exchange Thailand. In one transaction you can send the coins from your Steemit wallet to your country’s Bitcoin Exchange, including the exchange from Steem or SBD to Lightcoin (in my case Lightcoin). In about 5min the Lightcoins where on my account at Bitcoin Exchange Thailand to very, very low fee!

At Bitcoin Exchange Thailand I can change the Lightcoin into Thai Baht, the currency of Thailand, and can transfer it to my local bank account. That’s it!

(The author does not guarantee the accuracy of the informations)


But that’s only one side of Steemit that you get rewarded, on the other side it’s a great community where people share their life experience, communicate and help together to grow, and Steemit is growing fast these days.

For opening an account and to receive the verification mail, people have to wait now between 1 – 10 days.

It’s all free, you have to invest only your time!

So what are you waiting for?

You can sign up here: Steemit

Here on my blog you find many links and videos about Steemit, how it works and what it is.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions, just leave a comment on one of my posts. Hope to meet you soon on Steemit and don’t forget to follow me @zanoni , I’m there to help you.

Best regards and have a wonderful day






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