PromoSteem Team Thailand visit Dog Rescue Thailand — Steemit

“Saving one dog won’t save the world. But it will change the world for that one dog.” Today I was the first… by zanoni

Source: PromoSteem Team Thailand visit Dog Rescue Thailand — Steemit

Today I was the first time as a promoter on the way for PromoSteem and of course for Steemit.
My way led me to Dog Rescue Thailand, a charity facility for the street dogs in the greater Klaeng-Rayong area.
The facility is located on a large fenced area outside Klaeng. On the grounds are the office buildings, 2 houses for the volonteers and of course spacious kennels, a training area for the dogs and a lake where the dogs are allowed to swim.

At the entrance the very friendly and good English speaking Thai manager from Dog Rescue Thailand was waiting for me. I introduced myself briefly, told a bit of Steemit, which he followed very attentively, then he showed me the whole area with its various large-scale facilities for the dogs.
Dog Rescue Thailand has set itself the task to take care of the many street dogs in the area around Klaeng, to feed them, to provide them with medical care, to take care of them and to convey them to good owners in Thailand as well as overseas.
Large-scale sterilization campaigns and vaccinations of dogs are also part of the charity organization’s program.

After the tour, we talked for a while very excited about Steemit and made an appointment for next week, where I’ll explain everything necessary to him about Steemit exactly.
I think Steemit is an excellent place for such a charitable organization to earn the much needed donations.
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