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Source: STEEMIT RANKS EXPLAINED|What Does it take to Move from One Rank to the Next?|Newbies&Minnows Guide — Steemit

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I recently signed up at website since a good friend has been very insistent on what a great interface it is for steemit, the goal was to try it out for a week or so then see how everything falls into place. So far so good, I am loving it. If you have been using it, you have probably noticed a user rank just below your user name which is what will form the basis of my post today.

Up until this moment, I hadn’t given a thought to the steemit levels there actually are until I noticed I have been labelled as a “Plankton”. Being naturally a really curious person, I took it upon myself to dig deep to know all there is to know about ‘Planktons’! I have never been a huge fan of human classification, but if someone sees it fit to label me, I thought it great to be equiped with all the info there is to know about this particular class. To my surprise, the more I dag, the more interesting it got.

I know steemit levels is probably something most of us hardly think about, but you’d be surprised how important it is to be equipped with even the slightest details about a platform as important as steemit.

Technicall speaking, we all start/started at the same level. How you grow from there is all up to you. Your hardwork, determination and zeal is what makes all the difference. You can decide to start small and grow rapidly over time or start and skyrocket exponentially. It all depends on how much work you put in in terms of Steem Power, Curating, Commenting and basically building a community around yourself.

Some of the fastest ways I have experienced to build a community around myself are;

  • Facebook-here you can also connect with other steemians in Steemit Facebook Groups.
  • Instagram-Follow other Steemians to know their social skills
  • Twitter- Follow Steemians who post constantly for regular conversation
  • Steemit Telegram Groups
  • Steemit Whatsapp Groups
  • Snapshot- Steemit version of Instagram
  • Discord Servers – Discord is basically a chatting & voice app that allows for multiple channels within the same server. This is very essential as it helps to narrow down channels in terms of purpose.

Some of my favourite discords that are helping me gain an idepth understanding of steemit are;

Steemit Ranks..Steemit ranks are meant to show us or classify where a user (like you and I) are on their steemit journey.
Its worth to note that the ranks are not in any way related to one’s experience on the platform, rather, it is based entirely on the amount of VESTS one has. VESTS are a direct proportion to Steem Power.

Quick Lesson.

1.STEEM POWER doesn’t really exist. It’s not a token like STEEM as it’s nowhere recorded in the blockchain,STEEM POWER is just an Illusion.
2.It’s Simply a way of showimg VESTS in relation to STEEM
3.STEEM is just like any other cryptocurrency
4.STEEM Blockchain has only 2 units,STEEM & VESTS.

In short, STEEM POWER is simply the amount of STEEM an account’s VESTS are currently Worth. For example, if an account has 1M Vests and those are currently worth 500 STEEM,then the account will show that it has 500 Steem Power.

You can check your VESTS at

If you have read my recent posts, Voting is Power or Curation Rewards Explained, you will notice I have constantly emphasised on the importance of powering up, building up your Steem Power.

With Steem Power comes influence, which results in higher curation rewards. With high Steem Power, you have an opportunity if not an obligation to genuinely curate good content.This would explain why majority (myself included),desire so much to be associated with whales and dolphines as their insane steem power translates to very high value upvotes.

With that said, let’s dig into the current steemit levels and learn what each symbolises and what it would take to move from one level to the next..

1.Red Fish/Newbies/Planktons

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Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.These are literally all the qualities you will need if you are to move on to the next level.

When this level was introduced afew months ago, @arcage posted,

Before jumping into the vastness of the ocean and its competitive world,theres nothing like learning to swim with serenity

Steemitboard is glad to introduce the new Red Fish Level.

To be honest, before I started working on this post, I always considered myself as a minnow. From my own experience, I have come to realize the red fish/plankton level is still unknown to many & I am summing up 99% of new steemit users think they are minnows but in truth they are Planktons with 0 mVESTS approximately less than 500SP.


Fun Tips;

If you don’t already know, ‘minnow’ is often used to describe small silvery fish which forms the largest family of fishes in North America. They are mostly fresh water fish and their habits differ for different kinds of minnows.

Photo Credit ; @yoo1900

Some are found is large groups whiles others are found alone or associated with only afew individuals.
Some like entirely cold water while others like both cold and warm waters. They generally require short breeding period hence they increase rapidly in numbers.

Talking of growth…

Steemit minnows have the greatest potential to grow each other if only they would work together.It only takes hardwork,loyalty,consistency & patience.

The thing most minnows fail to understand from my observation is, Whales were once minnows too who have built each other up.

My advice to minnows would be to surround yourseld with people who share in your vision so you can grow together. Minnows have between 1-10 mVESTS, approximately a minimum of 500SP.


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Dolphins are smooth and friendly creators. They are fortunately on top of their food chain and have very few predators,meaning not many other animals are able to eat dolphins. Though, sometimes a very large shark will kill and eat a doplhin,but rarely. Symbolically speaking, on Steemit, only a very huge whale would potentially destroy a dolphin with their powerful steem power, through constant flagging. To become a dolphin, one needs a minimum of 10-100 mVESTS which is equivalent to 5000SP minimum.


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One of the most fascinating thing I dug out about Orca’s is,
Despite being called killer whales, Orca’s are actually Dolphins!
Orca is the second-highest level of Steemit user, behind only whales.
To be an Orca, one must hold at least 100mVests approximately 50,000SP.


Whales are people who hold the most Steem Power on Steemit. Not Steem. Not Steem Dollar. Just Steem Power.
A whale has the power to make your day with an upvote or ruin your day with a flag.
Whales have more than 1000mvests, approximately 500,000SP and above.

6.Dead Fish

Like the term suggests, they are dead, in other words, inactive users. This are people who created accounts and left before getting the work done or they got started and stopped being active at some point.

Currently, majority of the users lie in this category in my opinion. From what I have gathered so far, most people become dead fish because they lack the basic understanding of how the platform works. It gives me hope that initiatives like @minnowsupport , #DynamicSteemians, #SteemitSchool etc have taken upon themselves to equip newbies with the much needed steemit education. It is relieving to know there are people workimg out here towards the same goal, mass adoption.

How to become a dead fish?


PS; The current period to become a dead fish is 30days not 7days as stated above, but don’t worry, you will be alive and swimming once you start posting.

To Summarize

Ranks mVESTS STEEM Steem Power Equivalent
Red Fish/Plankton 0 0 <500SP
Minnow 1 490 >500SP
Dolphin 10 4900 >5000SP<50,000SP
Orca 100 49000 >50,000SP<500,000SP
Whale 1000 490000 >500,000SP

At the time of compiling this post, the current steem to million vests (mVESTS) conversion rate is at 490 on www.steed.comunder steem-per-mvests.

I don’t know about you but never in my life have I ever desired to switch to a marine animals as I do now 🙂

I hope this helps someone out there, as always, Love & Light to you



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