Handling regrets after bad decisions and mistakes. — Steemit

Source: Handling regrets after bad decisions and mistakes. — Steemit

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Regret is something that we all have had to face at one point or the other in our lives. Sometimes we remember something we did or we didn’t do and we instantly feel that painful emotional discomfort that leads even the best of us to tears or possible depression.
Today am going to be giving some tips on how you can handle regret after a mistake has been made. For the purpose of this write up I am going to be giving personal examples.
For most of us, we quantify regret as a function of what the impact of our mistakes had on our lives. Although this is not such a bad rationale for quantifying regret it is an avenue towards depression. We need to understand how to deal with regret. In these few easy steps I shall gives some tips on how to handle the after effect of a mistake.

The first thing you need to do to avoid a spiral down the valley of regret and possibly depression is to understand that mistakes happen regardless of whose fault it is. You must keep in mind that what ever thing you had done has happened before to some other random person and getting through it should be your focus. A few years ago I personally made a huge mistake that has shifted the balance in my academics. When choosing a field of study to major in I left my true flare to choose something more prospective. I did regret it for a while but then I looked at the statistics of people in the same situation with me and discovered they where many…so I thought to myself “if they can get through it then so can I”.

One very important thing to do when a mistake happens is to simply walk it off. As hard as it is to just simply get up and pretend the fall never happened it is very necessary. You need to understand that a there’s nothing you can do to change the past so rather than let it define you, walk it off and strife never to repeat it.

For most of us, the thought of the effect of our mistakes on our lives and on the people around us cancels out the possibility of corrections. We get too engrossed in our self pity and regret that we forget that some mistakes can be corrected. So rather than thinking about the negative effect of our mistakes, think of how to correct them.

in many countries, the constitution makes provision for immunity for some members of the executive arm, judicial and also members of parliament. This is because it is assumed that they can’t be held responsible for events that played out during their administration simply because whatever decision they made giving the circumstances they faced was logical. This simply implied that their decisions was a function of what they thought was best for the country as at that point in time. This same principle also applies to our decisions. Even though we made bad decisions that were ultimately mistakes, we need to understand that as at that point in time we were only trying to make the best choice but it turned out to be a mistake. It is best you regard such happening as not being your fault. Just make sure you strife to make better long term decisions.

Take your mistakes as experiences. Once you have a bad experience, the last thing you’ll want is for it to happen again. Take your experiences and put them as a guide to help you become a better person but do not let them define you. For example don’t say you wouldn’t drink tea because you got your tongue burnt the last time you drank it; instead learn to cool it to a lower temperature before drinking.

With these few points I do hope you have gotten an insight into overcoming your regrets.

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