The story of an innocent — Steemit

Source: The story of an innocent — Steemit

Hi steemians!

I am going to tell you a story that inspired by a real news I heard few years back, hope you like it….



SOURCEOn that Sunday Retired Police Inspector RAGHUNATH SHARMA was relaxing at his home and watching TV news there we a flash news says “Karthik, a murderer and mentally challenged, escaped from the mental hospital last night”

Inspector shocked and eager to know more details about the news, at the same time the doorbell sounded, he called his wife and asked to open the door.

At home, he and his wife were living alone, his only son was married and settled abroad.

His wife came out of the inner room and opened the door, a 30-year-old young man with a shaved head was standing outside, she mysteriously looked at him for awhile and asked
“Yes, whom you wanna meet?”

“Is there Raghunath sir here?

“Yes, please come in, ” she invited him and opened the door completely, went to his husband and said:

“Dear someone wants to meet you and waiting for you at the couch”

Raghunath raised his eyebrows and slowly walked out of the hall, he looked at him for a while, and he did not seem to be familiar in any way.

“Yes may I help you?”

“I’m not asking you for help, I have come to remind you of an incident” he smiled.

Incident? What’s that?

“Few years back, when a night patrol, a young man is arrested, because he said he came from the late night movie show but he did not have any evidence.”

“Oh, I see, then? ”


SOURCE“They locked him in the lock-up room of the police station for inquiry, at the same time a man also locked in the same room under a crime of rape case, he was the son of ruling party minister.

“Oh! They are worse because of their power”

“Next day morning, a phone call from the minister that ordered the inspector to release the aquest son, the police inspector also released him without any other way, but because the case file was filed, the case was put on this innocent young man”

“Oh god! That’s very bad”


SOURCE“And the police didn’t want him to tell the truth in the court, saying that he was physico-mental and admitted him into Prison Hospital.”

“Oh shit!” the retired inspector was sympathetic.

“The innocent young man was suffering in the hospital, survived for his life, he took heavy dosed medicines unnecessarily for 5 years, Otherwise he was persecuted for it” he cried after telling the horrible story.

“Please calm down, don’t cry, what can I do for you” the inspector asked.

“Should not those police officers be punished?”

“Yes, where are they, do you know them?”

“Yeah, ” he suddenly removed a long kitchen knife and said “you are the police and I am the survivor Karthik, in this morning only I escaped from the hospital”

Then he took the knife and pierced his chest, Inspector screamed, he removed the knife and r scratched the neck again and again till he calmed down.


SOURCEThe inspector died miserably, his wife rushed out of her room asked what happened

He told her that she had lost her sins and went away.

Original short story authored by @jyoti-thelight

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