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Good day steemians, how’s your day? I hope we are all good. Today, I want to share with you this article which talks about, the things we must think before we enter in relationship. The things we must consider before sleeping with someone.Unhappy-Couple.jpg

Teenagers in this generation are exposed in mundane things, particularly in sex. They are indulge in a relationship just to satisfy their thirst in flesh and lust. They dont mind the consequences that might happen to them after their happiness.

Before you enter in a relationship, please ask yourself.
Do you really love the her?
Yeah, I know you like her body,
I know you like the way she talk,
But do you really love the person she is?

After sleeping with her, what next?
Will you still like that body?
Will you still like the ways talks and
the way she smile?

What if she gets pregnant?
Will she face the world alone or
will you stand by her side?
Are you ready to stand as a man and
accept the responsibilities being a father?
Will you say, “Yes!, we both did it, it is our baby!”
Or will you look for excuses?

If she call to tell you that she’s pregnant,
will you tell her to abort it and risk her life
or will you tell her to keep the baby?

And the most important, if she gives birth,
can you take care of the baby?
Can you meet the emotional, mental, psychological and financial demands?

Is she someone you can marry or
someone you just want to sleep with?
Imagine if this was you sister with someone else.
If she good enough for you to sleep with.
Why can’t she be good enough to be your wife?

If you sleep with her and leave her.
Think about how sad it will be, think about the pains and the sorrows. Imagine if this is done to your child. How do you feel?

Think about tomorrow. Don’t just think of today. Don’t play in a relationship. Always think of the possible outcome of every moves you take. Don’t be dazle by temporary happiness. Wait for the right time, when you are fully equipt and ready to accept the responsibilities of being a man.Thank you for dropping by, I hope you learn a lesson from this article. Again have a good day and God bless.

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We owe you a lot. Thank you so much.

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