Stonehenge Thailand


2018年8月24日 08:08

Stonehenge Thailand – Mor Hin Khao

“Visitors to Thailand’s province of Chaiyaphum might be surprised to see signs for an attraction billed as the Stonehenge of Thailand. After all, the Northeastern province is a long way from the iconic ancient site in the UK. Thailand’s “Stonehenge” may be a natural spectacle, as opposed to a man-made site, but it is, nonetheless, impressive and photogenic.

Also marketed as one of the Seven Wonders of Thailand, here’s the lowdown on the Stonehenge of Thailand”

“The Stonehenge of Thailand is the nickname of Mor Hin Khao, a collection of stone monoliths and other unusual rock formations on a plateau within Phu Laenkha National Park. The Thai name translates as the Hill of White Rocks.Surrounded by mountains and forests, five huge pale rocks tower over the landscapes. Known in Thai as Sao Hin Ta Ton, the rocks were given their nickname because of their impressive size. Local legends say that the rocks glow with a bright white light on special nights in the Buddhist calendar, including nights with a full and waning moon.”

Stonehenge Thailand is a magical place, nobody until now know it’s hidden secrets.

Everyone who is sensitive can feel the vibrations outgoing from this place.

At the time I visited Stonehenge Thailand, about 8 years ago, it was an very unknown place, even many Thais living around in this areas didn’t knew this place.

Now they made more promotion.

For everyone who is interested in spiritual places, Stonehenge Thailand is a must visit.

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