New ONO updates exclusive from Ke Xu

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ONO - the real Social Network

KeXu Jem the ONO dream Team KeXu & Jem

Here are the brand new updates about ONO exclusive from the Founder of ONO Ke Xu

1. We got on the banner of Forbes official website.

2. We just about to finish solving the data sync problem. How? We put all the users on AWS and to avoid Chinese or any other governments’ ban, we will cooperate with local network provider and they provide us the VPN for their domestic users

3. I met Jem and we talk about the Ono chain. We will write more about the onchain governance. And how to protect users data, put everything cryptic, and not mess with the government.

5. Me and Jem will solve few problems that people most care about and ONO must do. 1) airdrop the ONOTs to EOS holder when ONOchain launched. 2) create accounts on ONOchain for ONO dapp users. 3) migrate ONOTs from ERC-20 to…

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