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When the first generation of international Super Partners was announced we were given a choice in what department we would like to work in. My preferred department is Maintenance (see chart below}, which is basically content monitoring and looking for abuse. Since the app was not yet released we all decided that we would support the other departments and do what was necessary in the meantime. My main roles early on were translation (website and app), promotion on social media and monitoring the various ONO telegram channels. Since the app has been released I remain as an admin to answer various questions in telegram but the role has expanded slightly to include helping people in the tech support room and delivering bug reports to the developers in wechat so they can fine tune the app. Also I am happy to say that international users are…

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🔥Banned on Instagram – Join ONO 🔥

ONO - the real Social Network

Banned on Instagram - Join ONO Banned on Instagram – Join ONO

Good morning Ononauts and all other Readers,
Lily Campbell is another victim of the Ban-Crazy socials.
I saw her tweet in the early morning and invited her to join ONO.
I write this post for a good reason, I want to know how tolarent is ONO.
Comments of SPs would be very welcome.
Best regards

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ONO Super Partner Weekly Report 1

ONO - the real Social Network

ONO Super Partner Weekly Report 1 ONO Super Partner Weekly Report 1

Hello Ononauts!

Maverickjudd here and this is a first of a series of Reports that I will be doing of things that I did in the Ono Platform in the capacity of a Super Partner.

Your International Super partner team which are composed of several people from Asia, Europe, North and South America and Australia have discussed that we will be publishing a weekly report to provide more transparency as well as a means to document our workload.

In this way we can have a public record of activities that we do to make sure that the Ono Platform is one that is transparent, fair and accountable to the actions and decisions of people tasked to safeguard it’s culture of equality and fairness.

Majority of our time is spent looking at content and abuses that we see. In this way we act as…

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Latest ONO News !! Attention, ONO rocks..

#ONO #onosocial

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The following is the English version


1 Product and R&D This Week

1.1 Summary

The search function is being continuously optimized, with the homepage.

ONO’s DApp will also be made available via direct download online, while we’re waiting for feedback from the Apple store. ONO users will be updated on the next step.

ONO has so far been made available on Google Play, and other mainstream application stores. As specified earlier, the search, chat, and other related functions are being optimized.

The login back end is under review, and the team is currently preparing for the launch of a brand new WEBSITE?

1.2 ONO is expected to launch in a new major update in September

The first phase of the search function is already online.

The new version of the homepage is showing in more dynamic way. Still in process

The first phase of the hot search function. Already…

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New ONO updates exclusive from Ke Xu

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ONO - the real Social Network

KeXu Jem the ONO dream Team KeXu & Jem

Here are the brand new updates about ONO exclusive from the Founder of ONO Ke Xu

1. We got on the banner of Forbes official website.

2. We just about to finish solving the data sync problem. How? We put all the users on AWS and to avoid Chinese or any other governments’ ban, we will cooperate with local network provider and they provide us the VPN for their domestic users

3. I met Jem and we talk about the Ono chain. We will write more about the onchain governance. And how to protect users data, put everything cryptic, and not mess with the government.

5. Me and Jem will solve few problems that people most care about and ONO must do. 1) airdrop the ONOTs to EOS holder when ONOchain launched. 2) create accounts on ONOchain for ONO dapp users. 3) migrate ONOTs from ERC-20 to…

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Stonehenge Thailand


2018年8月24日 08:08

Stonehenge Thailand – Mor Hin Khao

“Visitors to Thailand’s province of Chaiyaphum might be surprised to see signs for an attraction billed as the Stonehenge of Thailand. After all, the Northeastern province is a long way from the iconic ancient site in the UK. Thailand’s “Stonehenge” may be a natural spectacle, as opposed to a man-made site, but it is, nonetheless, impressive and photogenic.

Also marketed as one of the Seven Wonders of Thailand, here’s the lowdown on the Stonehenge of Thailand”

“The Stonehenge of Thailand is the nickname of Mor Hin Khao, a collection of stone monoliths and other unusual rock formations on a plateau within Phu Laenkha National Park. The Thai name translates as the Hill of White Rocks.Surrounded by mountains and forests, five huge pale rocks tower over the landscapes. Known in Thai as Sao Hin Ta Ton, the rocks were given their nickname because of their impressive size. Local legends say that the rocks glow with a bright white light on special nights in the Buddhist calendar, including nights with a full and waning moon.”

Stonehenge Thailand is a magical place, nobody until now know it’s hidden secrets.

Everyone who is sensitive can feel the vibrations outgoing from this place.

At the time I visited Stonehenge Thailand, about 8 years ago, it was an very unknown place, even many Thais living around in this areas didn’t knew this place.

Now they made more promotion.

For everyone who is interested in spiritual places, Stonehenge Thailand is a must visit.

Have a great day


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💣ONO goes viral – Forbes Japan + US – Independent Austrialia – ONO the facebook Killer❓ — Steemit

WOW! WOW! WOW! 北京に本拠を置くブロックチェーン企業、「Nome Lab」創業者であるXu… by zanoni

Source: 💣ONO goes viral – Forbes Japan + US – Independent Austrialia – ONO the facebook Killer❓ — Steemit



北京に本拠を置くブロックチェーン企業、「Nome Lab」創業者であるXu Keの特技はポーカーだ。彼女は、2013年にカリフォルニア大学リバーサイド校に交換留学をしていたときにポーカーを覚えた。彼女はポーカーを通じて確率論やリスク評価を学んだ。

Forbes Japan

Independent Australia

Special thanks to @samueldouglas for this first class article!

Forbes US

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[FREE GIVEAWAY] 10 SteemMonsters Booster Packs & 10 Single Cards Up For Grabs — Steemit

SteemMonsters are still the hottest thing around on SteemIt. While more and more features are being revealed… by simplymike

Source: [FREE GIVEAWAY] 10 SteemMonsters Booster Packs & 10 Single Cards Up For Grabs — Steemit

SteemMonsters are still the hottest thing around on SteemIt. While more and more features are being revealed, everybody gets more excited. Join our giveaway, join the fun!


Let’s Celebrate

Thanks to the drop in the price of Steem, I treated myself to some extra Steem. Rather by coincidence, I brought my account pretty close to dolphinhood.

To celebrate this unforseen event, I thought I’d hold a little Giveaway.

And what is a better giveaway item these days than a collection of SteemMonsters Booster packs. SteemMonsters are getting hotter each day, and new people are getting involved as we speak.

So, the decision was made:

A SteemMonsters Giveaway it would be.


The Giveaway

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GIVEAWAY (1).jpg
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If you want to be one of the lucky ones to win one of the prizes, all you need to do is complete the following assignments:

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That’s it… No more, no less. I told you it would be easy :0)


Winners Announcement

Winners will be announced 7 days from now, after this post has reached payout.

To decide who wins one of the prizes, all names of the people who posted a valid entry will be entered in a random name picker. Faith will decide who goes home with a SteemMonsters Booster pack or a single card – and who will have to wait until the next time to expand his card collection.

I think you agree this must be the easiest giveaway ever, so there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t take your chance.

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Source##Extra Prizes

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There will be another surprise bonus for one lucky resteemer too – I’m not goin to reveal any more info about that yet, but I’m
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New ONO Invitation Code !

New Invitation Code for ONO

ONO - the real Social Network

ONO Invitation Code ONO Invitation Code

The new Invitation Codes for registering on ONO are here now!

How to join ONO

The ONO app is in a pre-alpha state. Only download the app if you are willing to be a tester and help the ONO team by reporting bugs to the developer team on telegram Techsupport

Your benefits in this early phase, you can post your content already and earn Onots, the token of ONO, build your community, be a pioneer of this amazing social network.

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Will ONO emerge as Facebook with a conscience?


Social media has been a cut-throat business in recent times but at least one newcomer is aiming to take a surprisingly ethical approach.

Source: Will ONO emerge as Facebook with a conscience?

Social media has been a cut-throat business in recent times but, writes Dr Samuel Douglas, at least one newcomer is aiming to take a surprisingly ethical approach.

THE SAGA of Facebook’s collusion with Cambridge Analytica is yet to run its course, and stories of fake news and arbitrary censorship are still fresh in people’s minds.

So, as yet another report emerges of a leak of private user data, it can be hard to feel that Mark Zuckerberg has either the inclination or capability to act in the best interests of those on his network.

In response to these problems and powered by emerging blockchain projects, a swathe of decentralised applications (DApps) are seeking to give people an alternative to the centralised and somewhat hegemonic approach of the Facebook/government complex.

A project that has recently started to capture wider attention is the ONO social network, which has launched in China and is set for international release in June.

ONO has some features familiar to those following the new wave of social media DApps vying to become the next big thing. It’s open-source, will run on a blockchain (in this case EOS) rather than centralised servers and seeks to incentivise user behaviour through the reward of a tradeable cryptocurrency token — ONOT.

What really sets this project apart for me, even before its full launch, is the detail and thought with which ONO’s white paper sets out a vision of how to protect the rights and well-being of its users.

The core of this ethical framework is the Common Program. Containing no vague appeals to “caring” or “responsibility to shareholders”, this is more a declaration of rights than a corporate code of conduct. The values it describes include user rights to equality, freedom of expression and religion, privacy, property, freedom from discrimination and the right to participate in the governance and decision-making processes of the network.

Structurally, the ONO white paper describes a more organic approach to governance. The idea is that the network will function as a decentralised autonomous corporation (DAC). Interestingly, the justification claimed for such a structure is in the philosophy of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. Chapter 80 of the Tao, which is cited at the start the description of ONO’s structure, is densely packed with ideas, laying out a vision of society where people are well-cared for, tolerant but firm, happy and conspicuously free from government interference in their everyday lives. The core concepts of simplicity and to not “sweat the small stuff” have been interpreted in the past to apply as much to society as individual lives, in the form of “governing lightly”.

It’s this aspect that seems to drive the rationale of the ONO DAC. Fundamental rights are to be protected from the top down, but communities and individuals can also make their own decisions at a grassroots level.

One of the organisational features of how the network will protect users is the “Super Partner” position. Super Partners are not employees of ONO, though they will be compensated in ONOT for their work. The role of this position, of which there are 51 worldwide, will be to “collapse” harmful content such as fake news, hate speech, spam and so on from view on the blockchain, as well as help run the democratic processes deciding everything from ONOT allocation for community projects to dispute resolution.

These Super Partner positions will be democratically elected. Any member can nominate and, importantly, the voting is not weighted by a financial stake in the network. Moreover, if they fail their duties to the extent that they lose the support of voters over a sufficient period, they can lose their position altogether.

Ke Xu, the young entrepreneur behind ONO, has stated that she is motivated to create a network that connects “the world together in a democratic, open and decentralised way” and that she will never sell either the network or the data of its users.

The founder seems to have good intentions and, in my experience, few corporate codes of conduct are as strongly worded as the ONO Common Program. But moral action and avoidance of the disasters and market failures that flow from negligence or outright malevolence take more than just fine words.

A concern of mine is around how the initial 75 billion ONOT are to be distributed and what could happen if a minority of users amass a large amount with the intention of using this to manipulate content rewards or otherwise dominate the network. Armed with this slightly vague question, I quizzed ONO’s Head of International Operations, Leah Stephens, via telegram, on how this possibility would be dealt with. Her response was that the same rules applied to everyone, that Super Partners would deal with abuse regardless of the wealth of the abuser, and that conflicts could be resolved via voting in referendums. She was particularly adamant that money “does not equal power on ONO”.

Nonetheless, the real tests will be how the Super Partner system works to moderate content and how the user experience plays out once ONO begins to gain popularity. We shouldn’t have long to wait for a result though, with the Chinese test version having over 200,000 users and the project’s roadmap aiming for a million users worldwide by the end of 2018. I am keen to see how the dilemmas of conflicting rights are solved by these individuals, as well as the grand experiment of being commercially successful without resorting to unethical behaviour.

Obviously, even a million users make ONO a long way from being a Facebook-killer in the short-term. But people seem ready for an alternative to existing social-media and it’s fair to say that DApps like Steemit have not delivered the decentralised content-reward experience that some users would like. Considering this, thinking that nothing like ONO can challenge the status quo strikes me as seriously premature. Remember, some people thought Myspace had an unassailable hold on the market.

It might seem like we are a long way from the action here in Australia but, in at least two ways, this is untrue. There is an Australian Super Partner candidate, Melbourne ex pat and database security specialist, Adam Waring. If confirmed, he’ll be one of the 51 ONO members carrying the serious responsibility of protecting the network from malicious activities, as well as facilitating its democratic processes. Furthermore, the organisation with overall legal responsibility for ONO, the NOME Foundation, will be based in Australia. So, whether it takes the world by storm, is a well-intentioned failure, or is just one step in an evolution towards a less destructive social-media landscape, Australians will have a front-row seat to watch the drama play out.

You can follow Dr Samuel Douglas on Twitter @BeachPhilosophy.


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