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Deep State Germany – Conspiracy Theorists and Conspiracy Practitioners: Why 120 Years Blocking Period for NSU Files? — Steemit

Hello dear Steemians and Truthfighters,

in this post I will translate 2 German articles about the NSU files, a case of Deep State in Germany, but the foreign medias not take attention and the German sheeps still sleeping.
It’s time the English community of truthfighters and #informatoinwar fighters get informed.

1. article: Conspiracy Theorists and Conspiracy Practitioners: Why 120 Years Blocking Period for NSU Files?

On Wednesday, the NSU trial is expected to come to an end. It is already clear that even after the process more questions than answers remain. Partly because the intelligence services are doing everything possible to prevent a full investigation of the crimes.

What happened in 1898? The USA snatched Spain from the last colonies in the Caribbean and the Pacific and became a colonial power there. The German Reich decided to build a large battle fleet to cement its role as a world power and to catch up with the British. In Geneva, the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, better known as Sissi, was stabbed to death with a file by an Italian anarchist.

In the year 2134, if there is still an earth, there should be a Federal Republic of Germany and therein the corresponding German authorities, the documents of the Hessian constitution protection are to be released to the NSU complex. The NSU murders should then be as present for the then living as for us today the events of 1898.

The reasoning of the authority for the already in 2014 ordered file blocking: It concerns the protection of the carriers and those of the descendants of the Zuträger. The duration of this protection – five generations! – seems to be based on Old Testament curses and is unprecedented in the history of the Federal Republic.

The seemingly absurd extent of the term of protection leaves only one conclusion: it is about a lot. Already already circulating speculations are now receiving new food. For example, according to which the authorities may want to keep their own support for the suspected right-wing terrorist NSU members under wraps. That is possible. However, according to other theories, it can not be ruled out that the official version could be wholly or partially invented. The suspected perpetrators Uwe Böhnhardt, Uwe Mundlos and Beate Zschäpe could have been attributed to crimes that they have not personally committed. Reference is made, for example, to the enforced by VM men NSU environment.

In addition, the evidence in the case of the Ceska murders many observers does not appear as clear as presented by the Federal Prosecutor. In the case of the murder of Heilbronn a participation of Mundlos and Böhnhardt according to estimation of the case so far almost not to prove, and the alleged suicide of the two raises questions as well as the proverbial large witness dying in the NSU complex.

Who represents a deviating from the official version opinion on the events around the NSU, is commonly referred to as a conspiracy theorist. Excessive file blocking, “accidental” file shredding, alleged investigations, obvious crime scene manipulation, the obstruction of the committees of inquiry – all this suggests, however, that conspiracy practitioners could be at work here. The impression arises that authorities may have plotted to keep at least part of the truth under any circumstances under wraps. Not only for the victims’ advocates is certain: No matter how the verdict will be tomorrow, it is important to prevent the federal government and intelligence agencies get away with it.

Link to the original article in German

2. article: NSU testimony: Hanged, burned, forgotten

More than a dozen witnesses have died in the criminal case National Socialist underground, including the alleged murderer Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos. Authorities assume suicide, illness or tragic accident in all cases. But doubts are appropriate.

Since 2011, the grisly murder series, which is linked to the National Socialist underground, the public. In essence, there are two theories: The prevailing sees the blame for the three members of the NSU – Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, with other supporters from the right-wing scene. The critical reading points beyond the trio and the right-wing radical scene and assumes a state or secret service plot. In this perspective, the three are more tools, pawns or even scapegoats for other circles.

A more accurate picture would only be obtained if witnesses came to speak who could tell other stories than the official ones. But presumably we will never hear this other version of the events, because those who could report them from their own experiences can no longer speak.

Coincidences as far as the eye can see

When Corinna B. was summoned to the NSU Investigation Committee of the Baden-Württemberg Landtag on January 30, 2017, it spun some dust, because the lady had allegedly been a key figure in the Nazi scene on the Neckar. The official press release from the panel summarized: “In the 1990s, the witness allegedly belonged to a group of right-wing extremists in the Ludwigsburg area who were in personal contact with the neo-Nazi scene in Jena and Chemnitz. In 1996 she is said to have visited a scene restaurant in Ludwigsburg with Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos. “The committee also referred to the witness’s relationship to a prominent co-organizer of skinhead concerts. Could Mrs. B. explain the mysterious Swabian network around the Zwickau trio with its foothills to the Ku Klux Klan and the international Blood & Honor movement? The expectations before their appearance in the Stuttgart Landtag on 8 February were high, but they were not satisfied: On the same day, the woman was found dead and – despite the intervention of the Committee Secretariat – immediately cremated.

The chairman of the committee, Wolfgang Drexler (SPD), stated that it was not certain whether the witness had died a natural death or whether there had been foreign influence. No wonder – a forensic examination could not take place because of the rapid combustion. It is not even known in which city Corinna B. died.

The 46-year-old is now one of many witnesses around the processing of the so-called NSU crime series, which have come to more or less mysterious death. Most should have been questioned about the murder of police officer Michèle Kiesewetter on April 25, 2007 in Heilbronn.

The 18-year-old Arthur Christ was found half charred on 25 January 2009 on a forest parking lot near the Swabian Eberstadt. In the interior of his car, a gasoline-diesel mixture had been poured out. Christ had a “striking resemblance” to a phantom image witnessed by witness Loretta E. from a man who fled the scene in April 2007.

On September 16, 2013, the 21-year-old Florian Heilig was burned in his car near Stuttgart’s Cannstatter Wasing – a few hours before he was to be interrogated once again at the Land Criminal Police Office in the Kiesewetter cause. He had already reported in 2011 on a terrorist underground structure in Baden-Württemberg – not on the NSU, but the NSS, the Neo Schutzstaffel. When he learned of the alleged suicide of NSU founders Mundlos and Böhnhardt on November 4, 2011, he said to his mother, “It was all very different. The press is just lying. This was organized by higher authorities. You can not imagine how many civil servants and senior lawyers, even politicians.

On March 13, 2015, Melisa Marijanovic – she was Florian Heilig’s friend until shortly before his death – said before the Stuttgart parliamentary committee. What the young woman had to give pertinent clues, did not come out of the private session. However, it became known that she, too, felt threatened. In any case, the 20-year-old was found on March 28 by her fiance Sascha Winter with cramps in her apartment and died a little later from a pulmonary embolism. The doctors explained this as a result of a thrombosis that had formed after a motorcycle accident two weeks earlier – although since then twice thrombosis precaution had been made with her.

While the mentioned deaths were already known to at least the interested public, the mysterious death of some important NSU police officers has not been discussed publicly. The Focus wrote in this regard on a “frightening accumulation of police suicides” in Thuringia – of course, without a political context. In August 2001, two top officials reportedly committed suicide within four days.

The entire text can be found in COMPACT-Edition NSU: The Secret Files.

Link to the article in German

Let’s do it Qanon like

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  • who is involved?
  • Merkel
  • SED
  • Nazi
  • what they fear?
  • Kohl
  • Jewish?
  • Kohn
  • daughter
  • Stasi

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Breast milk was yesterday: How US delegates tried to prevent a WHO resolution – A translated article — Steemit

Hello dear Steemians and Truthfighters, I just read a German article of RT what took my breath away in the first… by zanoni

Source: Breast milk was yesterday: How US delegates tried to prevent a WHO resolution – A translated article — Steemit

Breast milk was yesterday: How US delegates tried to prevent a WHO resolution

Breast milk is considered to be especially healthy for new earthlings. Hundreds of delegates to the UN World Health Organization also shared this view. Not so, the angry US delegates. After all, alternative products are a multi-billion dollar business.

Even common sense suggests that breast milk is a special elixir that provides newborns with all the essential nutrients and thus provides an optimal start in life. However, in the past few decades, one investigation has gone one step further to scientifically substantiate this supposedly simple fact.

In the spring, a meeting of the UN World Health Assembly was now about integrating the relevant findings into a resolution. Thus, the health-promoting content of breastmilk is irreplaceable and Member States should therefore take measures to “limit” misleading campaigns for substitute products. But hundreds of delegates made the bill without the US ambassadors.

To the astonishment of the assembled international community, the US officials resisted the supposedly consensual resolution and tried to dilute for them to far-reaching passages of the resolution text. For example, Washington’s embassadors were bothered by governments being called to “protect, nurture and support breastfeeding.” Another passage that called for “restricting the promotion of food products, many of which experts say may have adverse effects on young children,” tasted the US delegate as well.

But the change request was rejected, and let the US ambassadors take special measures to give their request the necessary emphasis. As the New York Times reports, citing diplomats and government officials present, it was time to open the economic toolbox and tighten the thumbscrews. It was one of the first to hit the small South American state of Ecuador. Quito had assumed to accept the resolution.

“Bluntly” the South Americans were threatened with “unleashing economic punitive measures and withdrawing substantial military aid.” Ecuador promptly bowed to the US dictate.

Fearing US retaliation, more than a dozen participants in the UN conference who reproduced the questionable process asked for anonymity. According to their accounts, poor African and Latin American states were targeted by similar measures to drive a wedge between the delegates.

“We were stunned, horrified and deeply sad,” said the director of the British advocacy Baby Milk Action Patti Rundall, the general mood again.

What was going on was synonymous with blackmail. The US took the world hostage and tried to overturn nearly 40 years of consensus on the best way to improve the health of infants and toddlers, “Rundall said.

That the US delegates ultimately failed, the New York Times back to the following circumstance:

> "In the end, the US efforts were largely unsuccessful. It was the Russians who came out in the end to implement the measure [Resolution] - and the US did not threaten them. " 

The US Department of State therefore declined to comment on the events. The Department of Health and Human Services, the lead agency in an effort to amend the resolution, sought to explain the decision to challenge the text of the resolution. However, the threats to Ecuador were not involved. Especially the interests of mothers were therefore in mind.

The original resolution included unnecessary obstacles for mothers, with the desire to feed their children. For various reasons, not all women are able to breastfeed. These women should have the choice and access to alternatives for their babies’ health and should not be stigmatized for the way they are able to do so, “a spokesperson endeavored to explain the US position.

However, even though lobbyists from the baby food industry attended the meeting in Geneva, there was no evidence that they played a role in Washington’s “strong arm tactics”.

The $ 70 billion [baby food] industry, dominated by a handful of American and European companies, has seen a decline in sales in affluent countries over the last few years as more and more women opt for breastfeeding, "says author Andrew Jacobs the connections. 

Nonetheless, global industry sales should increase by 4 percent in 2018. This would be mainly due to growth in the developing countries, is deeply concerned by the general US behavior:

It makes everyone very nervous because if you can not [even] agree on health multilateralism then what multilateralism? " 

According to a Russian delegate, the adoption of the Breast Milk Resolution was a matter of principle:

> We're not trying to be heroes here, but we think it's wrong for a big country to try to push around very small countries, especially on a topic that is really important to the rest of the world. " 

According to the anonymous delegate, the United States refrains from directly pressurizing Moscow to refrain from the resolution. But the US delegation had tried to “cripple” the other participants through procedural maneuvers in a series of sessions that lasted for an unusually long period of two days.

In the end without success. The final resolution retained most of the original wording. However, the US negotiators were able to remove from the paper the wording that called for the “technical support of WHO member states for suggesting the inappropriate promotion of food for infants and toddlers”.

Here is the link to the original article in German:

The background is very easy:

The more and longer the mothers feed their children with breast milk, the more they lose profit.

I would really like to hear a statement of the Qanon movement to this fact.

Best regards and I’m curious about your comments, too.
Have a wonderful day

🐗 How can someone rob an empty Piggy Bank ??? (not only empty, full of debt) US will no longer be piggy bank for world to rob: Trump 🐗 — Steemit

View on Parley What is Parley? Parley is a Steem-based Reddit competitor that allows users to submit links and… by zanoni

Source: 🐗 How can someone rob an empty Piggy Bank ??? (not only empty, full of debt) US will no longer be piggy bank for world to rob: Trump 🐗 — Steemit