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Please Join In In Curating #ulog. “2029 Steemit Posts On #ulog, In The Past Few Days”. We Are Reshaping The Internet With “Freshness”; Promoting Steem/Steemit As A Home For ULOGGERS. — Steemit


Please digest this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today. Kindly get your personalized ULOGGER GIF… by surpassinggoogle

Source: Please Join In In Curating #ulog. “2029 Steemit Posts On #ulog, In The Past Few Days”. We Are Reshaping The Internet With “Freshness”; Promoting Steem/Steemit As A Home For ULOGGERS. — Steemit

Please digest this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today.

Kindly get your personalized ULOGGER GIF header/footer HERE!!! 

@phantum04 offered a Gig on https://steemgigs.org, where she makes those amazing Ulogger GIF footers/headers. 

So do visit and get yours. It’s fun!

She already has more than a hundred clients. Go give her a beautiful headache!

@JassennessaJ @maverickinvictus @fycee @mermaidvampire @creyestxsa94 @sitiaishah @beany-inhinyero @g10a @julietisrael @junebride @ankarlie @leeart @yandot @dunkman @sn0white @saskia @iyanpol12 @jysui @juwel @shula14 @phantum04 @joonz @el-dee-are-es @atongis @Olawalium @afolwalex @LeeBaong @olivia @ishanvirtue @truthsfinde @coderzairos @sherylneil @alzamna @zhayie03 @garygabby @wakkylyon @jessicas @tonie @jennybeans @jemmanuel @diosarich @chuuuckie @kyanzieuno @micaiah.adlih @ewuoso @yennarido @sweetcha @andrewjohntamban @smoochkins @ias @udezee @princefm @benedict08 @nexrules @bitius @iconnelly @emekasegun @folly-pandy @glenyosores @einstei1 @edith4angelseu @jeline @mike4christ @jamesmovic @Eunireal1 @Prayzz @rainbowme @blessedsteemer @christianolu @desmoniac @honourmaus @Cinderz @stevenson7 @akar-rumput @starzy @Ogbu @wilsonblue5 @prettyjules158 @Noreen @olaivart @carlitojoshua @Jpkonkz @jason04 @bluehearted @desmonddesk @Optama @zingybite @smartcarthy @azilanaitmay825 @caesar816 @samic @wiralhokseumawe @chaelpacia @tpkidkai @scarletmedia @zamsmith @mrposyble @mdshahin786 @ryancalaunan @tagalogtrail @Cisse56 @ireneblessing @mydivathings @ebado @honprinceo @marklester23 @kennyroy @liamnov @inalittlewhile @julie26 @lapb @itsmejayvee @AmuroKazama @jaraumoses @Autofreak

Basically everyone mentioned above i.e everyone who was in the last impromptu SteemGigs discord talk show, will get one for free. 

“Around 115 steemians!”

@phantum04 isn’t with her usual face-cap, so she can afford a “beautiful headache”. So, go get your ULOGGER footer/header now.

I think i will use mine as a header somehow. I would like also that curators identify my ULOGS. 

You can try the same approach if you desire!

@phantum04 is a certified SteemGigger (Dream-Builder) and a certified ULOGGER (True-Celebrity)

We are here fans!!!

See her break-selfie:

To remind you that https://steemgigs.org bridges any gap between steemians, whether whale, minnow, dolphin etc and makes us “whales inside” as we build “real connections”; please see exactly what happened via https://steemgigs.org hours ago:

  • #Ulog 4 : A night to remember!First CONVO with Sir Terry at Steemgigs Discord and A night full of work to do!hahaha🤣

When we say that “on https://steemgigs.org; “everyone has something to offer”; see another example of what we mean:

  •  #STEEMGIGS: I will Make a Funsign for Steemians! Note: This is Just for Fun!

Note: I didn’t ask for a fun-sign but she did it anyway (as you will see just below), displaying love and building connections, using https://steemgigs.org, where “everyone has something to offer”.

And note: “every human has an appealable-to soft-spot”and do you still remember one of the paradigms behind “the Teardrops Smart Media Token”?

“We will have a ColorlessPaper, written so un(dis)talentedly, that we will appeal to the soft-spot of every human, till perhaps, “for the very first time”, every human will want to hold a piece of digital currency.

Are you seeing the flow of the “entire curriculum” and how each of my tiny-looking steemit post and all of my steem/steemit endeavor since day one and even my “steemgigs” witness, is tied to this one curriculum: “SurpassingGoogle with Steem”?

Well, if you were on the last SteemGigs discord talk show, you would have learned some very rare INTEL about the power and beauty of your very next and every other next steemit post.

Please join the discord server here and be abreast with the next talk show, by setting notifications for @surpassinggoogle steemit account.

If you have extra vote and want to consider voting my witness, it is called “steemgigs” instead of “surpassinggoogle” to represent “everyone”. Simply visit: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type the word “steemgigs” into the first search box for witnesses.

Let’s look at @enjieneer

and what is more? To show that you can find “free” or even build a “noble dream” for free on https://steemgigs.org, @enjieneer offered her Gig for “free”.

In her SteemGigs post, she mentioned that she had found it hard to offer out fun-signs because she didn’t feel she was “Celeb”. Well, now; isn’t she “a certified ULOGGER (True Celebrity) and we her fans?

Look at the pictures above and really; “how much do you really need to be “true celebrity” and “we, your fans”?

Simply “you” in each day; your shine and love etc

Are you seeing where we are headed and isn’t it really beautiful? “And there is so much more……”

For now, simply become a SteemGigger and ULOGGER and let’s go from there.

Or do you want to know a very simple valid start?

  • Visit this post and get your SteemGigs GIF footer/header
  • Visit this post and get your ULOGGER GIF footer/header
  • Then use these on your posts heartily, to shine some more……

#ulog is fast become a beauty and looking at it flourish, is pretty really. I am seeing ULOGGERS emanating from as many countries and steemians re-gaining their groove. It is just splendid.

The count from hours ago shows 2029 steemit posts already on #ulog within just a few days since the tag was born. This is splendid for steem/steemit growth overall.

Too, people can join steemit to be ULOGGERS.

VLOGGERS can also be ULOGGERS!!!

As the number of ULOG posts grow really rapidly, please help matters by making sure to read posts explaining what ULOGS are and how to use #ulog 

e.g To make easier for curators all over steemit to reach your post more easily, here are tips:

  • Please use #ULOG only when you consider your post a ULOG.
  • A ULOG is typically “once a day”. (Don’t change your normal steemit routine. You can add ULOGGING to your existing routine)
  • We want to make #ULOG the home of purely “fresh” daily, authentic content containing “YOU”, your day, “your shine and evolution within that day” and your freshly-made creations, when it comes to graphic media, pictures, GIF, text, VLOGS etc.
  • If you desire, you can decide to maintain your privacy while ULOGGING e.g you can talk in an undertone, use avatars instead of your pictures, use pictures of locations and events, friends etc (No worries, even when you are private in your ULOGS, you can be sure that “You” will shine forth still.) 
  • A ULOG can also be only “text”.
  • Please add #ulog in title and try to number your ULOGs e.g #ulog (Day 1) or #ulog (001) or #ulog 1 etc
  • Use your ULOGGER footers/headers
  • Use #ulog or #ulogs as your first tag
  • Try to state the own images, videos etc underneath your ULOGS
  • etc.

Let’s keep reshaping the internet with “freshness”. Let’s serve the search engines with beautiful pieces constituting “You” and grow steemit/steem, promoting it “a home” away from the rest of the internet.

Let’s tell people that they can now also join steemit to become ULOGGERS. 

They can come on here and be true celebrities and we; their fans and as fans, let’s be fans for real. Let’s get on #ulog henceforth and show care. Let’s curate that #ulog or #ulogs. Let’s engage with ULOGGERS and peer into their world. Let’s cater to them and learn of ourselves in the eyes of the world.

You can follow @ulogs as it curate #ulog if you are to busy but you want to share your voting power in inspiring ULOGGERS.

Let’s visit #ulog to re-tell each ULOGGER of “their shine”. Let’s be keen about their evolution. Let’s cater to them.

Humanity is the brother next to you. @surpassinggoogle.

If each of the 2029 steemit posts on #ulog in the last 6 days, were all from ULOGGERS, then:

We are talking 2029 steemit posts containing “YOU”, served to the search engines, promoting steemit as a home; a real community and a place where you are allowed to be a ULOGGER.

We are talking 2029 steemit posts that are fresh, current, authentic and very “human”.

The sound on this #ulog is “excitement”.

Dormant accounts are waking up. It is a beautiful sight!

There is happiness, humor, comedy and sometimes this is what community needs the most and the steemit community at this particular moment in its evolution;


Can We Get The Word ULOG In Dictionaries?

Well, i won’t doubt it and please don’t too. 

About adding freshness to the entire internet, it is true that we are already doing so with ULOGGING.

Hahaha even Facebook doesn’t know what’s up, showing that steemit is becoming “light years ahead” and the future of the internet. Hahaha, Facebook keeps asking “did you mean blogs?”

And i say; “no, ULOGS”

Like ULOGS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ulogs-958884254262598/

On the last SteemGigs discord talk show, we discussed a whole lot and we touched on steem growth, ULOGS etc and as things panned out in the discussion and with the number of ULOGGERS growing etc among other things, @ulogs is looking like it will constitute a very easy-to-use simple, social, fun and celebrity-filled steem-based website, “removing all barriers to entry” and further growing steem/steemit.

However, i am very paced and love to build dreams into spanlessness first, leaving them alive even in dream-bits and rehearsing them into full-blown fruition, based on unadulterated feedback from “everyone”.

Thus, if even if @ulogs eventually become a stand-alone social steem-based website, it will start out on a sandbox here: https://steemgigs.org/surpassing-google

Our first aim with @ulogs, will be to enhance curation and content discovery; thus, it is very likely that it will it will hold its own on https://steemgigs.org/surpassing-google, first.

For this year, before SMT capability is ready, we are looking at 3 steem-based websites and the Teardrops SMT.

https://steemgigs.org will be the hardest of all three to complete as it will have most of the framework for the other two. I am very hopefully of meeting up with the schedule.

To keep abreast with many things, please join the SteemGigs discord server, the set up notifications for @surpassinggoogle account to be notified about the SteemGigs talk shows. When it is all set up, it will happen weekly. I will spend this week arranging a solid format for the talk shows, in combination with a few other steemians.

We will make the SteemGigs community on discord buzz again as we look to build “every noble dream” for “everyone”.

The SteemGigs discord server has over 4,500 steemians. 

Join here: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT

Do You Want Some Glimpse Into This New Buzz And Excitement That Uloggers Are Creating?

Kind open this post below in a new tab and digest the fun:

#Ulog Day 2: My boyfriend got jealous with @surpassinggoogle! 😀 

That ULOG alone has a thread of 63 comments.

I really am keen on making the SteemGigs community on discord one of the most active servers on Mama Earth in preparation for the future.

It is approaching 4,500 steemians and now is a good time.

I have loads of rare knowledge to dispense and i will like to share it. I will like to gradually celebrate each one.

I want the entire world to know that at the very-very-very least, they have one hearty loving fan;

Your Boy Terry

Join the community HERE!!!



“The World Needs To Hear From You. Even  Steemit Is Calling!” Now, You Can Answer. “Become a ULOGGER Today”. (The  “U” in “Ulogs” represents “YOU”.)

You can start by getting your personalized ULOGGER GIF header/footer HERE!!! 

Note: The next edition of 5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice” will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of utopian.io or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel.

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today


Note that on SteemGigs, “everyone has something to offer”. At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.

To create awesome steemit posts, try our “un(dis)talented editor”

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine “steemgigs”, it will be really helpful.

To vote my witness, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in “steemgigs” into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click!

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in “surpassinggoogle” in the second box for proxy.

Let’s Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag “steemgigs”. Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).  Join the Steemgigs Community on discord: https://discord.gg/CGuPyyT

“Everyone has something to offer!” Why not?

 created by @jason04