Important VIP Links for all Steemit users, especially for beginners.

is a very useful site, created by a Steemian witness. You can write your Steemit posts there much easier then on Steemit itself, the editor is very smart.

There you also can find a vote slider where you exactly can adjust your upvote power.

Another very helpful feature, if you use for writing your posts and use busy as a tag, they sometimes give sometimes a very good upvote, too.

These guys also created a very nice Steemit app for your smartphone:

You can go here to download:




A place where Steemians can offer services to other Steemians, for free or for Steem or SBD.

A great possibility for every Steemian who have to offer a special service!

Thanks very much for this amazing project:

@surpassinggoogle and @steemgigs !!!

Steemcleaners, the “police” of Steemit. We want original content on Steemit, not people who only copy and paste pictures and text. On Steemcleaners you can report an abuse and get an reward for your work.

To be continued soon…


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